Ballet was developed in France from the 15th Century onwards. It is a discipline that helps enable, coordination, strength and flexibility, through a variety of exercises.


The Dance Academy works with the ISTD syllabus, which is a world renowned governing body for dance. There is a link on the home page to their website. The syllabus promotes English ballet and the development of the young and professional dancer. The Dance Academy also offers adult Ballet classes.


The dancer learns set exercises, fun imagination and improvisation games and dances to help them gain strong ballet technique and confidence.

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Street Jazz is more free than set syllabus classes and incorporates different techniques each week with improvisational work helping the students team work and own initiative.


At The Dance Academy we offer a street jazz class that also includes a variety of work within musical theatre and commercial dance so that the student learns a vast amount of dance styles. Within the class we work on conditioning work including cardiovascular, core, strength and flexibility work. The dances in the class range from musical theatre to pop music to commercial dance and hip hop.


The Dance Academy also offers Jazz classes for adults.

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Modern dance originated in America and became well known through artistes such as Martha Graham, Ruth St Denis and Doris Humphrey.


The Dance Academy uses the world renowned dance body ISTD for the students to gain the best qualities of a developing dancer.


Modern is energetic and fun helping gain flexibity and strength and with a rhythmical syllabus to help musicality. This is seen through travelling movements, kicks, leaps, amalgamations and dances. Modern is mostly seen in Musicals, commercial dance and is quite theatrical.


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Tap is an American form deriving from clog dance, Irish dance leading on to The American Hoofers. It is great fun and has a relaxed feel with flexibility in the knes and the ankles. Fred Astaire and Sammy Davis Jr are famous for their amazing talent although having very different styles. After going down in popularity, Tap is now growing as a genre and is being brought to the forefront of dance by Savion Glover and such films as Happy Feet.


Using the ISTD tap syllabus The Dance Academy helps the student dancer gain rhythmical ability, accumulating style as well as having fun. The Dance Academy also offers adult tap classes.


Tap is mainly used in theatrical stage shows, musicals and in films. It is an important skill for any dancer.


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The Academy is a performing arts school which offers the students the opportunity to learn all aspects of performing, including singing, dancing and acting. Performances are shown at the end of each term, showcasing their performance skills.


Musical Theatre combining Singing, Acting and Movement to produce a Musical Theatre number. Working with The Rock School Exam Board, the students work towards sected acting pieces and songs from shows.

Like the ISTD Dance Exams, Rocks School is OfQual accredited with QCF points credited and from Grade 6 goes towards UCAS points.